Why Hire A SMACMA Contractor?

SMACNA contractors hire only the most experienced, skilled, and highly trained people in the trade, allowing the SMACNA contractor you hire to keep your project running smoothly, on- time, and on budget. Our contractors are leaders in sustainable building design and continue to strive toward innovation and new technologies that create the solutions that save energy. As an association, we take pride in being an instrumental part of developing new technologies and cost-effective answers for our member’s valued customers.


SMACNA represents a broad spectrum of contractors who use sheet metal to fabricate and build ductwork, roofing, and HVAC metal systems in industrial, commercial, architectural, and residential markets.

  • Architectural projects, including stadiums, metallic building skins, roofs, and structures
  • Industrial plant HVAC and ventilation systems
  • Residential HVAC
  • Commercial HVAC systems for office buildings, commercial, and retail sites
  • Healthcare HVAC systems
  • Custom fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Building enclosures
  • Testing and balancing HVAC systems
  • Servicing and retrofitting new systems in older spaces
  • Energy management and maintenance

Our members specialize in the tough, complex jobs in each market sector. Primary contractors, architects, and property owners frequently define the quality of our members’ work by referencing their timely delivery, ability to get a project right the first time, strong communication, and highly skilled workmanship.

For a list of SMACNA contractors, please call (916) 266-0545 or email us at csprague@smacnasac.org